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Northants Shares Success Target threshold achieved for sale of shares

Northamptonshire County Cricket Club (NCCC) are delighted to announce that they have had an exceptional response to their initial public share offer.

During a meeting held earlier in the year, NCCC agreed a resolution with the members that once a target threshold of £1 million shares had been achieved, a constitutional change would be triggered at the club.

This figure has now been reached and as such, Northamptonshire County Cricket Club Limited and club members will now change the constitution of the club to allow a new holding company (NCCC Holdings Limited) to become the sole member and have full ownership and control of the club.

NCCC Holdings Limited is a new company, which is owned by approximately 100 individual season ticket holders of the club.

As a result of this investment, the new constitution (Articles of Association) that were approved by the members at the EGM of the 8th September 2016, have now been adopted and the investment money raised can now be used for the development of the club.

This investment marks a significant step in the evolution of Northamptonshire County Cricket Club, which for the first time in its 139-year history has now passed fully into the hands of some 100 individual shareholder members, rather than being owned by the season ticket holders as a whole.

The club’s recent success ‘off pitch’, is reflective of the successes ‘on pitch’, as 2016 T20 champions.

“This is great news for Northamptonshire County Cricket Club. The response from our season ticket holders has been extremely positive with many of them purchasing shares. The investment in the club is predominantly from Northamptonshire people who have NCCC’s interests at heart.”

Gavin Warren, Chairman – Northamptonshire County Cricket Club

For the first time in the history of the Club, season ticket holders will be able to elect a Director to represent their interests on the Board of the Holding Company.

NCCC has experienced a seismic transition over the last two years, progressing from a club in a perilous, financial position to becoming one of the most financially stable organisations in UK cricket.

“We are proud to have achieved a major turnaround in both reputation and financial positioning. This investment will be used to not only pay off expensive short-term debt, it will also give working capital to the management team to stimulate new growth in the club. Further gradual funding will be invested in coaching and playing staff.”

Ray Payne, CEO – Northamptonshire County Cricket Club

“NCCC now has a strong, unified, executive management team working well together with a supportive supervisory board, providing governance and strategic framework for the management team to work within.”

Suzanne Fairey, Commercial Director - Northamptonshire County Cricket Club

The opportunity to invest in Northamptonshire County Cricket Club will remain available at the opening price of £250.00 per share until the 30th September 2017 (details are available at

About NCCC:

Northamptonshire County Cricket Club was founded in 1878 and became a first class county in 1905. The club has been fortunate enough to have seen many of the

all-time greats of the game play cricket for Northamptonshire at the County Ground and they continue to strive to bring a dynamic, professional and entertaining brand of cricket 

to those of all ages. 

Interview and photo opportunities will be available at The County Ground today during the England Lions v South Africa A match.

Please contact Chris Horrocks (07376 141280) or Ellie Emerson (01604 609281) to arrange an appointment.


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